Testimonials From Our Residents

My parents moved to the Montecito in 2017. The facility is so spacious and inviting! Staff members are professional, knowledgeable, patient, caring and helpful. Everyone is so friendly! There are many outings and onsite events that encourage the residents to mingle and get to know one another. The grounds are well kept and inviting. This is such a safe environment and we are so happy they chose the Montecito!

Trudy Wendt Ball

Daughter of Resident

I’d like to say that nobody likes to leave the home they have lived in for many years, but I have come to thoroughly enjoy the Independent Living here, at The Montecito. I live in a casita and love the feeling of being very independent but knowing there is a staff available to help me. I particularly love seeing the beautiful grounds around me–beautiful green pathways and trees. There are opportunities to make friends and enjoy their company. I can use transportation provided by the staff to help me get to the grocery store and Doctor’s appointments. Also, I always know I can find something that is very tasty on the menu and that the dining staff will make special effort to tailor my order to please me. I’m very pleased with my choice!



Spacious welcoming lobby drew us to the community. We have a casita with a great view. Dining tables are tableclothed and clean. Food is good.

Tom and Lesta


Spacious, large units with washer and dryers. Good food and welcoming.



After looking at eleven senior living communities/facilities, like this one, we made an immediate decision to come here to live. The villas (and casitas) are spacious and laid out very well for comfort (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room/dining room area, galley kitchen, two large closets, full pantry with a large washer and large dryer, for which we’re thankful, nice sunny patio with a large storage room. We’ve lived here for over 5 1/2 years (and, hope to spend the rest or our years here), and have found the staff helpful, accommodating and always ready to give a listening ear. The residents are not only very friendly, but in many cases, like family. Activities are plentiful–Wii Bowling, bingo, card games, movies in the large theatre room, hair salon, first light, who has a staff of very caring wellness personnel. “Generations” Living, newly opened memory care (beautiful and well-staffed), assisted living facilities, van drivers to carry residents to doctors’ appointments and on educational and scenic trips; a well-manned business/accounting office and an executive director who is hands-on; food–delicious, served with tender-loving care; maintenance department that is johnny-on-the-spot for any needs int eh villas, casitas and apartments (sometimes coming in after hours such as an air conditioner that’s broken in over 100 degree weather). We could go on and on, but as you can see from our testimony so far (and, there’s many more good things about The Montecito Senior Living) we’re most appreciative to be able to live here, and, we’re happy to assist (staff, workers, etc.) whenever the situation arises.

The Pinckneys (Bill & Shirley)


The Montecito is great. The staff is nice the residents are  friendly.  It is a great place for my parents.


Daughter of two residents

For the over 2.5 years I’ve been aggravatingly insistent mom’s declining capacities would be greatly buttressed by a move from her private home into an assisted living situation, my first choice for such an accommodation has been The Montecito. While not an inexpensive pursuit, my repeated explorations of those facilities generally considered the top five options in the Northwest Valley consistently delivered first-place honors to The Montecito….not only as an aggregate but in every single category, be it amenities, services, price, quality, meals, staff,

Mom has been at The Montecito since early April, 2017. And while she keenly misses her private home of 40 years, she is slowly coming to acknowledge the benefits and protections The Montecito provides in exchange for her willingness to relinquish the insular privacies of her independent home.

To my ken, at mom’s age those safety, service and security factors coupled with their superior quality at The Montecito trump supreme privacy any day!

John Poggendorf

Son of Resident

I began my journey to find a new home last summer.  Although I toured 7 communities in the area, after I saw Montecito and met Jill, her staff and some of the residents, I knew this was where I wanted to live.  She offered several independent living options, and I chose the perfect casita, close to the main building, with an available garage.

My move-in went very smoothly, and thanks to Rick, my TV and phones were hooked up the same day. It took me a few weeks to get totally unpacked and settled in, and Edward has been invaluable helping me hang, install, and move items – always with a smile!

Roz has been a wonderful resource for me and my daughters, answering all of our questions about activities, etc.  I play Bingo twice a week, am enjoying the Monday Bible study, the Friday afternoon events, and look forward to the pool exercise class resuming this spring.  I love having the monthly activity calendar so I can see all the things I can participate in – and will enjoy exploring more of them as time goes on.

I am getting spoiled by the every other week cleaning service – they do a great job and are so nice.  My meals, mostly in the main building, are great.   The wait staff knows what I like to drink, and that I want small food portions.  I  have a “group” of ladies I enjoy eating with every evening, and I continue to meet residents who are so friendly and helpful.  I am enjoying my “next chapter” at Montecito.

Current Resident

I enjoy living at the Montecito for a variety of reasons; the friendliness of the staff and residents, all the dining choices, the varied and numerous activities available. The Montecito affords me close proximity to shopping and restaurant dining too. I definitely recommend the Montecito.

Joe S.

Current Resident

I have lived here for three years and am always getting onto the shuttle for shopping and lunch trips. We always go to great places. Last week the trip to Lake Pleasant was a real pleasure to see the countryside and the beautiful lake. I would encourage more people to take part in all of these programs.


I like living here in the villas because it is nice and quiet.

I really like my little casita at the Montecito. I like the fact that it is light and airy. I also enjoy the Montecito because everyone is so friendly and the many choices of dining.

LaVerne F.


Mom likes living at The Montecito. The maintenance staff have been very helpful. The sales and boarding team have been great to work with. The food is good and they offer a lot of variety.

Family Member of Resident

I moved into Montecito almost two months and enjoying being here so much. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful. I had visited many retirement complexes in this area and become more and more convinced that this was the best. (I had also been here for art shows, visiting friends and special dinners.) Montecito is the best and I hope to be here for a long time.

Sharon Mankins


My mother recently moved to The Montecito. Although she was adamant about not leaving her home, the time had come when it had to be done. I promised her I had found a really nice place for her, so she reluctantly agreed to go and look. When she saw it, she was convinced on her first visit. She loves her cozy apartment in assisted living and especially enjoys the good food. She has remarked, many times, she just likes to sit and enjoy the dining area because it is so light and pretty with its big window. The staff members couldn’t be more helpful and were a great asset in getting her settled in. We made a good decision with Montecito.

JeNiene Dimond


Kenneth and Siec, from Kingman Arizona, moved into the Montecito after visiting other independent living facilities, 16 to be exact.

Reasons for choosing the Montecito include:

1. Friendly to accommodate their pet dog
2. Lush lawns, shrubs and trees plus two beautiful swimming pools
3. Excellent dinners, numerous choices.
4. Villas and Casitas are on ground level (don’t like elevation)
5. Apartments are well designed – 2 rooms 2 large closets and storage for laundry room, pantry.  Large wodr(sic) – in shower, 1430 sq ft
6. Residents are very friendly
7. Staff are very cordial and accommodating
8. Location in Peoria is excellent
Montecito was also chosen because it is rental not ‘buy in’

After living here at the Montecito for 2 months we feel we made an excellent choice and would recommend ‘The Montecito’ to others!

Kenneth & Gale


My mother, Ruth Paris, is a resident at The Montecito.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with your facility.

We originally arranged for both my parents to move in together on April 19.  My father passed away before that was possible, and my mother decided she wanted to move in right away.  The Montecito jumped through hoops to make that happen for us.  Everyone–the marketing team, nursing staff, caregivers, maintenance crew, and even the director have been amazing!

The Montecito has eased by mother’s grieving significantly.  Having pleasant people around, great food prepared for her, activities available and a beautiful environment has helped tremendously.

Clearly, what stands out the most at The Montecito is the genuine kindness and concern of the entire staff.  Thanks for making my mom feel at home and for giving me confidence that she’s receiving the best possible care.

Gary Paris

Family Member of Resident

There are so many opportunities to participate in the many activities here at The Montecito; so many, in fact, that one can’t take part in all of them.  The staff and those involved in the wellness program are really great and concerned for one’s wellness. 

The food is great and very appetizing.  We were served with a great Easter brunch and then this past Mother’s Day, we received another brunch.  These brunches are the best around.

The Montecito also has great exercise equipment and a nice, large swimming pool.

As you can see, there is a lot to do and keep you active here at The Montecito.

Thanks for all that make and keep this facility up and running.

Richard & Karen Piper


“I feel like a queen living here. My casita is very spacious…the staff cleans my home, makes my bed and the food is great! So many choices in things to do! I’m very happy here.”

Lynn J.


“ I really do like it here very much. The food is very good. All the staff members I’ve met are wonderful-easy to get along with. My apartment is very spacious; I especially like the fact that I have my own washer and dryer and I even have a balcony. Anything that a person can say positive about the Montecito, they should include me saying it…it’s a great place to live.”

Min S.


We knew absolutely nothing about the world of senior living options, levels of care, federal and state guidelines, VA benefits, etc.  It was overwhelming at best.

With the assistance of C.C. Childree of Oasis Senior Advisors, we began to visit senior communities and were rewarded when she took us to The Montecito.  It was open, bright, welcoming and there were cookies!  Jill Romo, Director of Sales and Marketing met us immediately upon arrival and had us sit with her for a few minutes to help us feel comfortable and get some insight into my parents’ needs.  She understood our concern about finding the right balanced living situation as my mom is the one with failing health but my dad is a healthy, vital 84 year old man. My sister and I left there impressed and it became apparent as C.C. drove us to other appointments that our hearts were set on The Montecito and that continuing to look would be pointless.  Jill and Roz, tenant liaison at The Montecito, took us by the hand and helped us navigate through the myriad of logistics and paperwork.  The entire staff’s efforts and sensitivity made the process very smooth and it took just 3 weeks to relocate my parents from Prescott Valley to Phoenix…unbelievable.  We ended up choosing the 2 bedroom.  Even with the added cost, we believe it was absolutely the best value compared to the other senior living communities we visited.  My mom and dad have begun to adjust to this huge life change and are happy at The Montecito.  They rave about the food served in the dining room, the care providers, how well they clean their apartment each week, the staff…it goes on and on.  We were blessed the day we walked into The Montecito and we will be forever grateful that our parents can enjoy a wonderful quality of life while living there.

Family Member of Resident

My parents are in their 80’s and needed to have someone looking in on them from time to time and providing their meals and housekeeping.

My brother and I live in other states so having the above benefits for our parents would provide us sons “peace of mind” and our parents a real quality of life.

After visiting several retirement facilities, Montecito truly stood out.   The food is great, the staff total professionals and my parents new apartment is spacious and comfortable.

When you visit Montecito yourself, you will see firsthand a beautiful facility and meet a respectful and professional staff.

I won’t kid you though. My parents didn’t want to leave their home of 35 years and it took a few visits and lunches at Montecito to convince them.

The Montecito team were very patient and welcoming as we went through the multiple visits to get my parents comfortable.

And my parents are now so happy there, that now they claim it was their idea to move in the first place 🙂

I could go on and on about all the positives about my parents moving to Montecito, but instead if you are thinking about moving yourself or your parents in there, stop by and if you see my Mom & Dad (Mary & Dewey, ask them yourself.  They love it!

Robb Dalton

Resident’s Family Member

“I highly recommend The Montecito for the dependability of the staff, the fun scheduled events, outstanding food, and the peace of mind it provides to me and my family.”


“You can be as busy here as you want to be! There are social get-togethers, lectures, performances, special-interest clubs and so much more—and I love my meals cooked for me!”


“Living at The Montecito is almost like being on vacation except you never have to leave home. I have lived here for almost three and a half years and love it!”